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Experience luxury at Kaanayi Heritage Home-Serviced Villa in Payyanur, Kerala. Enjoy the beauty of this coastal town nestled by the Arabian Sea and Perumba River. Explore historical and natural sites, embrace the local culture, and marvel at the scenic hills.

With curated experiences and attentive services, it’s the ideal destination for a stylish, mindful, and authentic holiday.

Our eco-friendly homestay is the ideal setting for a break, slowing down, and enjoying some time away from your hectic lives in the midst of nature. Payyanur is becoming a popular weekend getaway for adventurous visitors who enjoy exploring and savouring new locations. The following details make Payyanur the ideal weekend retreat if you’re on the fence about visiting this season. You will be persuaded to leave for these reasons.

Featured Rooms

Experience luxury and heritage at Kaanayi: Our exquisite serviced villa rooms blend comfort, history, and elegance for an unforgettable stay.


Kaanayi Heritage Home

5,000.00 INR / Night
Max. Adult   8 Max. Child   8 Book Now
Price Details

Price vary based on number of rooms. For the complete reservation of the heritage home, you have to book 5 Rooms.

Room From Room To ₹/Room Max. Pax
0 1 5,000.00 2
2 2 2,500.00 4
3 3 2,500.00 6
4 4 2,500.00 10
5 5 2,000.00 12

Additional bed(s) can be provided on chargeable basis.


Our Home Stay Services

Indulge in Opulent Hospitality: Discover Unmatched Luxury and Genuine Services at Kaanayi Heritage Home-Serviced Villa, Payyanur, Kerala.

Modular kitchen
Nearby attractions
Natural pond
Traditional Stay


Please check the question and answer. If any further issues occured, please contact with us, we will solve the issue in correct time.

Kindly check the refund policy page.

At Kaanayi Heritage Home, we take pride in providing a range of services and amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for our guests. Here's what we serve:

  1. Accommodation:

    • Well-furnished rooms and suites designed to offer a cozy and relaxing atmosphere during your stay.

  2. Culinary Delights:

    • Delectable meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and authentic flavors.

  3. Housekeeping Services:

    • Daily cleaning and housekeeping to maintain a tidy and hygienic living environment.

  4. Wi-Fi and Connectivity:

    • Complimentary Wi-Fi access to keep you connected with the digital world during your stay.

  5. Recreational Facilities:

    • Access to recreational areas and facilities, allowing you to unwind and enjoy your leisure time.

  6. Guidance and Assistance:

    • Assistance in planning your itinerary and arranging local tours or activities to explore the area and experience the culture.

  7. 24/7 Guest Support:

    • Round-the-clock guest support to address any queries, concerns, or special requests you may have during your stay.

  8. Security:

    • Ensuring the safety and security of our guests through security measures and vigilant staff.

Do you accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes, we do our best to accommodate special dietary requirements and preferences. Please inform us in advance of any specific dietary needs or restrictions, and we will tailor our meal options accordingly.

For any additional inquiries about the services we provide or to discuss your specific needs, please feel free to contact our customer service. We're here to ensure your stay at Kaanayi Heritage Home is exceptional!

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To cancel your booking at Kaanayi Heritage Home, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Account:

    • Navigate to the website and log in to your account using your credentials.

  2. Access Your Booking Requests:

    • Once logged in, go to the "Booking Requests" section to view your reservations. BOOKING REQUESTS

  3. Find the Booking to Cancel:

    • Locate the booking you wish to cancel from the list of your bookings.

  4. Initiate Cancellation:

    • Click on the booking you want to cancel and look for the cancellation option.

  5. Follow Cancellation Procedure:

    • Follow the provided cancellation procedure and provide the required information.

  6. Confirmation of Cancellation:

    • After completing the cancellation steps, you will receive a confirmation of the cancellation via email.

Kaanayi Heritage Home, ‘Koolom Parambu’, Narayanapuram, Kanayi PO., Payyanur, Kannur dist. Kerala. PIN 670307.
Use location button to directly navigate on Google Map.

Happy Client's Review

Unforgettable Luxury Retreat: Kaanayi Heritage Home-Serviced Villa – Where Opulence Meets Tranquility on Payyanur's Perumba River Banks.


Director, OXY ROOF

The hospitality and services provided by each staff of the hotel were excellent, they attended us well at all times and we were impressed by their courtesy. We enjoyed our stay and convey thanks to all associated with the hotel. Special thanks to Khun Gap, who took very good care of our group since the inspection day until the end of the trip. We really appreciate ka. We hope to come again soon. Thanks for the memories!

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Discover opulence at Kaanayi Heritage Home-Serviced Villa in Payyanur, Kerala. Immerse in conscious luxury amidst history, nature, and attentive service.

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